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According to poker rules, the flop comes after the initial round of betting in a hand in which players can call the big blind or raise the pot. After everyone has had a chance to act, three community cards are dealt. This is a player’s first chance to see what kind of hand they can build based on the three community cards that are laid down on the felt.

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A player can either check, raise, or fold when it is their turn to act after the flop. This is a period when some players decide whether they are going to be aggressive or be passive and try to trap a player. Players can put opponents to a decision if they suspect a player is on a weak draw or trying to hit a card from the deck during this round of betting.

In essence, there are no guides for post-flop play. After the community cards have been placed on the table, a player has to do their best to analyze the situation and make quality decisions based on the available information. Sometimes a player has to go against implied odds after a flop and go with their gut. Although this doesn’t always work out,you minimize the damage by paying the price of one card. If you hit, you’re a lock to crush your opponent and if you miss, at least you haven’t lost your buy-in.

Some things to keep in mind while deciding what to do after a flop is your position in the the hand. Having to act first puts you at a disadvantage as you won’t have the ability to see what the other are going to do. The later a player acts, the less issues there are to deal with.

If you are going to be aggressive after a flop be sure to consider several factors including the fact that aggression must be tempered by position, by the nature of the table, by the individual players in the hand with you and by position.

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