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According to poker rules, the fifth and final community card is called the River. This is the final round of betting in a hand and it is frequently the most pivotal point in a hand. Players can either check, bet the pot, raise, reraise or choose to use the ultimate weapon in poker, moving all-in.

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There is a lot to consider when trying to figure out what your course of action should be. Does your opponent act strong or weak? What has their betting pattern been? Have they bluffed a t a lot of pots? How big is their stack? What are the pot odds? These are just some of the questions that should be running through a player’s head while they contemplate their tournament destiny.

One thing to focus on during the river is what’s called pot equity.

This concept allows a player to profit by betting or raising in situations where they have a distinct advantage in the hand or if there is a situation in which a player can gain that advantage by not allowing other players to continue. The thing to keep in mind when using pot equity is that you have to analyze the action. If a player’s current equity is greater than or equal to the actual current cost of that action, they can correctly take that action.

An example would be if you were heads up with a player and you are holding Js/Jd. The pot has 800 in it. The flop came Jh/7h/10h and your opponent moves all-in for and additional 300 chips. Due to the size of the pot and the fact that you can’t be raised for more of your stack makes this an easy decision.

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