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Skill Games

Skill games are competitions where the outcome is almost always determined entirely through the skill of the competitors. Although some have small components of luck involved, they are at their heart games of strategy and talent.

Skill games come in all flavors. Backgammon, chess, Gin Rummy, duplicate poker are all games of skill. Even video games are considered games of skill! Betting on the outcome of skill games if considered legal in America, as compared to some questionable legalities involving games of chance.

Games of skill are becoming popular online, both for those who enjoy wagering money and those who just want to play casual games with no concerns over losing money. Click on the links below to check out some of the most popular types of skill games!

  • Backgammon– Backgammon is a classic board game where players roll a dice to move pieces along a game board. Although the dice adds an element of randomness, the most important aspect of backgammon is having a good strategy for moving your pieces and keeping the other player away from the end of the board. Check out for a great place to play online.

  • Gin Rummy– In this card game, players attempt to beat their opponent by creating combinations of cards which they can safely discard. Ending the game with very few cards remaining in your hand, all with small values, is the key to being successful in Gin Rummy. is the premier site for online Gim Rummy games.

  • Chess– A game that has tested minds for centuries, chess is a true battle of the wits. Today, players young and old alike can play online against one another. A new, faster version called Blitz Chess has become popular in recent years, offering action-packed chess games you might never have thought existed until now.

  • Video Games– Are you a gamer? Then websites like will let you put your skills to the test against other gamers, with real money at stake. If you think you’re the best around, prove it.

  • Duplicate PokerLike regular poker, except you pay against other players with the exact same odds as you.  There is less chance of losing due to bad cards, because your opponents are playing with the same cards and against the same cards as you at other tables.

Skill games come in all shapes and varieties. Play around and choose one that best suits you.

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