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If variety is the spice of life, bonuses are the spice of slots. Even the phrase “bonus slots” can refer to several different things, from free spins to extra winnings to interactive features. The one element that ties them together (the “bonus” in “bonus slots”) is that it is something extra, something that takes the experience beyond what you’d expect from the standard slot experience.

The original slot machines don’t hold a candle to the modern online slot machines. Only the state-of-the-art computer hardware, software, and network speeds allow the best online casinos to offer such advanced slots with such amazing bonuses. Bonus slots can offer features as straightforward as a free play wheel or complex as arcade-like games, win multipliers, and more. Depending on what you’re looking for, there are all types of ways to enjoy something completely unique with online slots. Take a look at the gameplay of the online slots offered at these premium and highly recommended sites:

Silver Oak

$777 Bonus

Silver Oak is an stylish online casino and is dedicated to fair and responsible gaming. Highly recommended

Slot Madness

$999 Bonus

Slot Madness is a brand new slots casino, with already great payouts! Highly recommended

An excellent example is The Price Is Right. This online video slot machine includes many bonus games adapted straight from the TV show, including Plinko, The Dice Game, and even the Cliff Hangers bonus game (the game with the yodeling mountain climber, who slowly inches his way up the mountain…). The biggest bonus game on Price Is Right slots is the Showcase Showdown Bonus Game, where you get to select price tags. Some of the tags have simple monetary values, while others act as 2x multipliers. However, the real Easter egg is the price tag which allows you to look at a second showcase. The Price Is Right also has a progressive jackpot for all you progressive slots fans. When you hit the jackpot on the dollar machine, you will probably win somewhere in the neighborhood of $100,000. Not too shabby for an afternoon’s work! The nickel Price Is Right slots jackpot tops out around $10,000 which, believe it or not, can actually work out to a better payout for the amount of money invested.

Look for The Price is Right or any of the great bonus slots at one of our recommended online casinos. Sure, you might be able to find the game at some other places, but we personally vouch for the integrity and sheer fun of the sites named on our pages.

Playing bonus slots online is generally the easiest way to get immersed in the action. Most brick-and-mortar casinos have some slots that offer interesting bonuses (mostly free spin wheels) but online casinos let you experience the diversity and excitement of a whole new world of unique games. Online slots can be as frenetic or placid as you like. Just spend some time looking and there’s sure to be one that fits just right.

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