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Out of every slot machine in the world, the Diamond slots are arguably the most popular. Double Diamond slots are considered the crown jewels (no pun intended) of International Gaming Technologies (IGT). IGT has marketed Double Diamond slots since the 1980s.

Diamond Slots take their name from their diamond logo, which draws slot players to a machine like a lighthouse beacon. This diamond symbol doubles the value of a payoff. Not surprisingly, because of their huge success, Diamond Slots have also become one of the most copied concepts in the gaming industry. You can see the words “diamond” and “double diamond” anywhere there are casinos and slots.

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The original and still industry-standard Double Diamond is a five reel, 25 line slot machine. 25 reels means that Double Diamond slots offer a huge number of winning combinations, with payoffs every other spin. Slot players, think about that for a second…

There are many types of bonus games on standard Double Diamond slots, including the “pay or play” option, which is essentially a double or nothing bet. As is the case with most IGT machines, Double Diamond slots is a progressive jackpot machine.

The “wild symbol” bonuses add yet another dimension to the payoff possibilities. Added to two diamond symbols, this quadruples the payoff. Obviously, the numbers can get really high really fast on Double Diamond slots. In fact, the average jackpot on a Double Diamonds slot is just over $500,000.

To capitalize on its resounding success with Diamond slots, IGT has added several derivatives of Double Diamonds, including Double Diamonds Deluxe (which offers special bonuses in addition to the regular Double Diamonds jackpots) and multi strike Triple Diamonds, which has nearly eclipsed Double Diamonds in popularity since its introduction. Diamond slots are designed to be within the economic reach of everyone who wants to play them. However, you actually don’t have to wager a cent to experience the thrill of Diamond slots. That’s because, thanks to the technological wonders of the Internet, there are now free Double Diamond slots online.

Many online casinos offer free Double Diamond slots, in addition to multi strike Triple Diamonds video slots. In many cases, you won’t even have to download any additional software to your computer, because you’ll be playing on the online casino’s own site. With free Double Diamond slots online and multi strike Triple Diamonds video slots online, you’ll be able to experience all the fun and excitement of big time casino action right from the privacy and comfort of your home, office, or hotel room…in fact, anyplace where you have access to the World Wide Web. With wireless networks nearly everywhere these days, you could be playing a Diamond machine on your cell phone in the park!

Free Double Diamonds slots are literally right at your fingertips! They’re an excellent way to pass the time when you’re stuck waiting somewhere, like at the airport or the car repair place. Best of all, free Double Diamond slots are  one of the few pleasurable things left in this day and age that really and truly are free.

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