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There are many reasons why a slots enthusiast would prefer to play online. Some may have operating systems other than the ones the software was designed for (Mac users, for example), some may have concerns about downloading, some may not be at their own personal computer, and some may not be at a computer at all (you may laugh, but PDAs and smartphones can now surf anywhere there’s a wireless internet connection…and that means they can have all of the great slots that PC users have enjoyed for years!).

There are also many reasons to play for free. The obvious, of course, is that you don’t want to part with your hard-earned money. Quite understandable. Also, you may want to get some practice in before you go for the gold…familiarize yourself with the way your game works before you put your money on the line. Also a respectable goal.

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The best online casinos (the above examples) understood and listened to the customer’s concerns. That’s why many of them offer free casino slots that don’t require you to download anything at all. So that there isn’t even the question of you unintentionally putting bad stuff onto your hard drive right along with the good. Of course, there are other equally legitimate reasons why people might not want to download free casino slots onto their computer. Suppose, for example, you’re playing free casino slots from your office. You might not want your boss to find out. Or even those snoopy blabbermouths from the IT department who would consider it their sworn professional duty to rat you out to your supervisor…

We, however, are of the mind that what you do on your break time is your business. With our free no download slots, all the fun and excitement, the thrill of winning, is strictly on us…and our computer. Free no download slots also prevent curious children from playing where they shouldn’t when you aren’t around. (And, kids being kids, you know they like to play around on your computer.) You don’t have to download to have a good time.

So now you have the best online casinos offering the best slots (and all other types of casino games). You have them offering these games completely for free. And finally, you have them presenting them in a way that doesn’t even require you to download anything to your computer. Sounds pretty fair to me…but if you’ve still got concerns, go ahead and voice them. It certainly sounds like the online casinos are more than willing to listen!

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