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Some people are born to gamble, to take risks, to look Lady Luck right in the eyes and demand everything that fortune can provide.

Other just want to have a quick game to fill a free minute, or ten minutes, a half hour while they’re waiting for the laundry to be done or the bus ride to be over.

Wherever you fall on that scale, there are plenty free games that are fun, interesting, and exciting — and right at your fingertips whenever you want. That’s right, free slots to play now!

Silver Oak

$777 Bonus

Silver Oak is an stylish online casino and is dedicated to fair and responsible gaming. Highly recommended

Slot Madness

$999 Bonus

Slot Madness is a brand new slots casino, with already great payouts! Highly recommended

Many online casinos offer all of the time-tested casino games, favorites for generations of casual and serious gamers alike.

Of course, you could search through the vast and cumbersome download repositories, but why? Check out our recommended online slots casinos for an instant fix to your gaming dilemma. When we say free slots to play now, we really do mean free slots to play now!

Unlike the brick-and-mortar casino competition, you can play online slots absolutely free. It’s certainly much more difficult to win any real money that way, but you can still have plenty of fun.

The online casinos aren’t doing this out of the kindness of their hearts (well, maybe some of them — there are certainly some very nice people working their customer service lines). They know that when you experience the high standards of quality and performance of their games, as well as the user-friendly nature of both the online casino games and the website as a whole, you’ll be more likely to go with them when the time comes for you to play for real stakes. Given the fact that the best online slots casinos have machines that start at as little as a penny, it won’t be very hard to work a few games into anyone’s budget.

You’ll no doubt see “free slots to play now” all over the ‘net. We ensure that all of the slots casinos that we name here on this site offer a majority (if not all) of their slots for free play. And many of them have online slots that you don’t even need to download — Flash-based games or other similar browser software lets you play everything while you’re browsing, so you never have to download, wait, and install first. Just go to the online casino websites and play free slots now!

If you’re looking to hit that record progressive slot jackpot (you need to beat 6 million dollars before you get close!) or if you just want to amuse yourself for a while or kill some time, these online slots casinos have the perfect answer. Aren’t you ready to start winning? Sign up for free slots to play now!

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