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Multiple slots are a fun, exciting way to spend your leisure time.  A variation on the slot format, multiple slots give players more chances to win.  In multiple slots, more than a single “line” of the slot machines reels are displayed on the front of the machine.  Players can opt to bet on more than one line in various combinations to better their odds of a payout.

The “real” (brick-and-mortar) casinos first offered the basic electromechanical multi-slots which features three reels to bet on. Once more sophisticated microprocessor technology and video displays became available to the gaming world, video slots began to feature as many as nine or more lines — and therefore more complex combinations are possible, offering more ways to pay off).

Now that online slots are the start-of-the-art in slot technology, multiple slots are the rule rather than the exception. Visit any of our recommended online slots casinos and you’ll see the quality, variety, and sheer amount of choice in multiple slots.

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For each payment players put in, they can win with another line. The standard three-line multiple line slot machine will offer either three or five lines. The five line machines include the three horizontal lines and add two diagonal lines in either direction.

The odds of winning with multiple lines in play are technically the same, but it does have some effect on payouts and odds of winning a big jackpot.  With multiple lines in play, a small win will provide less of a payout because you paid more money to get it.  However, it does increase the chances of a larger jackpot because there’s less of a chance you’ll fail to qualify for the the big winner if it comes up.

Multiple slots are very common and popular, so if you’re a slots fan you should be able to find them at any online casino. Our recommended online slots casinos (listed above) all offer excellent multiple line slots for their customers.  Whether you’re a hardcore player or a casual fan, these websites will provide you top-notch entertainment and exemplary service.

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