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Progressive Slots are slot machines with jackpots that grow over time.  In many ways, they are similar to lotteries.  The more people playing the machine (or machines), the higher the jackpot will be.  Once the jackpot is won by a lucky player, the jackpot resets to the default amount and the banked amount will begin growing again.

To fund these giant jackpots, a small portion of every bet on a progressive slot machine is set aside to help build the bank. Over time, you may notice slightly lower payouts for non-jackpot wins.  This doesn’t mean that progressive slots aren’t worth playing, just that players should be advised that they’re paying a little for the chance to win a lot more than usual.

Take a quick look at one or more of our recommended slots casinos; usually, the big progressive jackpots have a link or button right on the front or main page. If not, just navigate to the slots section. The casinos want you to know when they’re offering big money — it’s good for everyone!

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Progressive slots can either be stand-alone, building their own cumulative jackpot, or be connected to a larger group of slot machines which all feed into the same bank. As online slots have a virtual rather than a physical “bank”, the difference doesn’t matter too much — although it is always important to know which stakes and special slots also feed into the jackpot if you’re interested in playing specialized slot machines.  No matter how many individual slot machines are connected to the bank, all of them have the same chance of producing a jackpot.

When playing in progressive slots, try and find one with a very high jackpot that rewards.  It is a mathematical fact that once a jackpot starts to get very high, you actually have positive odds against the house when you play the slot machine.  That is not to imply that you’re sure to win, of course, but the money you spend on a machine with a high jackpot often has a better chance of earning you money compared to one that has just reset. If you’re a hardcore slot fan, pay attention to what progressive slots are getting high and point your attention towards them.

Many online casinos offer progressive slots nowadays, and the best offer nearly a dozen progressive jackpots for their customers. Any of the online slots casinos featured on our pages will have a variety of progressives so that you can find the perfect online slot machine for you to reach for the ultimate jackpot!

No matter where you play, be sure to spend time enjoying online slots safely!  With some patience and some luck, you might be the next big jackpot winner.

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