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Slots Strategy

Here, we’ll tell you how to make a little more money from online slots. We’ll maximize your chances of getting that life-changing jackpot, or simply to get the little wins as often as possible (or, at the very least, how to lose as little as possible!).

Forget about ‘systems’. There isn’t a system in the world that can beat the house odds on a legitimate slot machine. Why? Because they’re random. You can’t predict random.

Best Online Slots - Comparison Chart

RankLogo NameBonusSoftware PayoutsTrustedPlay NowReviewRating
1 Slot Madness $999 Realtime 97.5%
2 Silver Oak $11,100 RealTime
3 Lucky Red $4,000 RealTime 97.2%
4 Aladdin's Gold 200% RealTime 97.4%
5 Planet 7 Casino $7,777 RealTime 97.3%
6 Manhattan Slots $747 Realtime 98.3%

And, with all due respect, most ‘systems’ are silly superstitions anyway. How many times have you heard ‘this slot is due to pay out’ or ‘this slot is on a streak’? So have we. We usually hear it right before someone goes home with no money.

Slots cannot be ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ (random, remember?), but they definitely can be ‘tight’ or ‘loose’. That’s not a defect or a ‘personality’ of the machine; that’s just how the casino balances what goes in and what comes out. In Vegas, you’ll see many ‘loosest slots’ signs. These casinos claim that their slots machines will pay off a little more often, and that’s not (always) just hype.

Depending on how they are set up, the house takes their cut and the rest makes up the payouts.┬áCasinos have struggled for years to find the perfect percentage (sometimes mixing tighter and looser slots, to create patterns of attraction on the casino floor. But we don’t have time to get into all that!).

To meet the legal minimum in Las Vegas, a slot machine has to pay back at least 75% of the money that is put into it. There may be a few misers that won’t go much higher, but most casinos like to add about 10-15% on top of that. In comparison, online casinos (with much less overhead) keep their payout percentage around the 95-99% mark. So it looks like the first big tip is: play at an online casino instead of a land-based casino!

  • Progressive slots have another level of ‘tightness’. If you played the exact same slot machine in both progressive and non-progressive versions, over time you’d find that the progressive slot machine doesn’t give you as many little wins — and/or that the wins tend to be smaller. This isn’t a coincidence. That extra percentage that might have gone into your pocket (or not) is added instead to the progressive jackpot total.
  • Another online casino advantage is the flexibility of coin sizes. A ‘brick-and-mortar’ casino will typically offer some nickel slots, more quarter slots, and a majority of dollar slots (and don’t even mention the $1,000 slots. Yes, they do exist). Compare that to online slots, where you can find nearly any denomination you wish.
  • When in doubt about coin sizes, go for a smaller size so that you can make sure to wager ‘max coin’ every time. This is really, really important. If you’re forgetful, have PLAY MAX COIN tattooed where you can see it. Because we’ll slap the next person who tells us that they would have had that huge jackpot, if only…

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