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What is it about slot machines that make them so much fun?

First thing that comes to my mind is instant gratification.  What other casino game can you think of that is as rapid-fire, instantly-gratifying as slot machines?  And talk about unadulterated simplicity in its purest form – all you have to do to get in the swing of things is spin that wheel. Each time, your heartbeat quickens, your hope rises, and you hungrily eye the paytable as the colorful swirl of eye-catching symbols line up.  And talk about emotion overload when all of the stars – I mean winning symbols – align just so.  The lights and sounds go off, as you watch your credits increase by leaps and bounds,  just like that.

Today’s slot machines, especially those found online, give players many more amazing betting and winning options; the combinations are virtually endless.

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At the bottom of this page, you’ll find a description of the different types of slot machines available online. In the meantime, here’s a listing of where we recommend you start playing them. For some of the most entertaining (and possible life-changing!) slot machines game play possible, you should check out the online casinos that have made our hot list above.

Our recommended online casinos have all been carefully reviewed and approved by us, and made our cut because of the exceptional quality of slot machine game play and customer service that they afford, not to mention some of the other top-notch features that are hard to find anywhere else, such as substantial welcome bonuses, special promotions, VIP benefits , military-grade security for safe online banking transactions, etc.

For great playability, tremendous slot game choices, the best bonuses out there and the safest possible online experience, check out our recommended online casinos.

Here’s a primer of the different types of online slots machines that you can find:

Classic Slot Machines

Some things never go out of style.  As mentioned, though these machines have been completely modernized, they hold a certain nostalgic – and oddly comforting – charm.   You have options galore on the new, improved classic slot machines that you can find online.

Video Slot Machines

Video slots are the most played online slot machines.  Usually, they are five-reel machines, and the different themes that you can choose from are truly mind-boggling.  Just about anything that you strikes a fancy, from favorite tv shows and movies to ancient civilizations or exotic travel destinations can be found – and virtually anything in between.  Video slot machines are feature-rich – you can have up to 100 paylines, and many, many components, like bonus rounds, multipliers, and scatters, that make it easier for you to win.  And some of the newer incarnation of video slot machines take player interaction to a whole new level.  This isn’t your daddy’s slot machine, that’s for sure!

Progressive Slot Machine

Every time a player plays a progressive slot machine, a portion of the bet gets placed into an ever-growing progress jackpot.  If no one hits the jackpot for a while, it can easily climb to millions of dollars. That’ll alter your lifestyle – just ask George M, the online player from Greece who won $8.7 million playing progressive slots online recently.

Fruit Machines

Fruit Machines, which are UK-style slot machines, tweaks the luck-based formula of slot machines, and kicks the game up a notch.  They offer special bonuses (kind of like a bonus within a bonus) and add other elements that introduce actual strategy into the game.

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