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At Online Gambling, we see a lot of online slots. From the classic one-armed bandits to the latest high-tech online casino games, we play and review all of the online casino games (ah, what a hard life, eh?).

Along the way, we’ve taken a special liking to one or two (or ten) online slots. Whether it’s the huge jackpots, the amazing graphics, or just the enjoyable gameplay, something about each of these online slots has truly tickled our collective fancies. We hope you feel the same way, and we really hope you visit one of our recommended online casino sponsors to play them…

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Top 10 Online Casino Slots:

Mega Moolah Slots — no surprise, really. Online slots became huge right about the time that one lucky so-and-so got into the record books with a jackpot of over 6 million. Progressive online slots are the best way to get big payoffs at an online casino, and Mega Moolah and its ilk can certainly deliver the big numbers.

Cashapillar screenshot-Microgaming
Cashapillar Slots — a personal favorite of one of our intrepid online slots reviewers. Aside from being seriously cute (the theme is a caterpillar’s 100th birthday party, after all), this is rare among online casino slots for featuring up to 100 paylines!

Tomb Raider-Secret of the Sword screenshot-Microgaming
Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword Slots — some slots have the graphics and action to rival the most advanced video games. Tomb Raider had an edge, of course, having lived in that world for a long time before making the jump to online casino slots.

Chinese Kitchen Screenshot - Playtech
Chinese Kitchen Slots — Although it veers even further away from traditional slots, this is one game that will give you few surprises once you get past the unique 9-reel, 8 payline format. Just a simple and enjoyable way to spend your time, and enough combinations to spend it winning.

Hitman Slots — another amazing transition from video games. Stylish, ultra-modern graphics and sound make for an intense online slots experience. This is not one for the grannies or the kiddies; if you want your online casino games to complement car chases, gunfights, and general modern urban menace, Hitman is the game for you.

Bejeweled Slots — adapted from the smash hit that distracted millions of people when they should have been working. Like Tetris before it, a simple and colorful idea provided hours of simple, semi-strategic fun: match the colors, they disappear, and the ones above fall in their place. If ever a concept was made for online casino slots…

Midlife Crisis Slots / Shopping Spree Slots (tie) — these online slots are basically similar, alternately appealing to the masculine or feminine sides; namely, Midlife Crisis with a REAL SPORTS CAR and Shopping Spree offers a REAL SHOPPING SPREE (both worth $100,000). Proving, I suppose, that you can take the slots out of the “real” casino, but you can’t take the REAL jackpots out of online casino slots.

Lumber Cats — a new favorite, this online casino game features lumberjack felines wearing plaid and driving pickup trucks (what?). Even we’re not sure why we like it so much, but just plain fun, addicting, and cute (without making us feel any less manly) online slots with some modern bonus features thrown in (like the 2nd screen tree-climbing event!).

Spider-Man Slots — even if you could care less about the iconic Marvel web-slinger, it’s a great ride. Like all of Marvel’s recent superhero-based online slots, the jackpot advances in progressive levels until the winnings reach the five-figure range. Add cinematic visuals and action-packed bonus screens, and you have online casino slots that even J. Jonah Jameson could love.

Grail Maiden Screenshot - Vegas Tech
Grail Maiden Slots — despite seeming like a typical video slots layout, this online slots game features NO paylines; if the symbols match up anywhere on the screen, you win. Not only that, there’s a conspicuous lack of the standard “deck of cards” symbols that most online casino slots fill their reels with. Familiar and unique!

Well, there they are; 10 slots to play before you die (or before we change our minds and choose 10 different online slots instead). The best online casinos offer free online slots, so you don’t have to trust us with your money — try out the online slots first! Free online casino games are one of the main reasons why online casinos attract so many people; may as well take advantage of their generosity while it lasts.

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