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Triple Diamond a sequel to IGT’s popular Double Diamond line of slots. The machines are similar in many ways, but there’s one major difference: a 3x multiplier instead of Double Diamond’s 2x.

Oh, and one other difference: Triple Diamond isn’t available online (yet).

IGT made many variations of Double Diamond over the years. In the world of slot machines, Double Diamond was and is a force to be reckoned with — a three-reel slot that could stand proudly among the more sophisticated and high-tech video slots.

Finally, IGT took the most characteristic feature of Double Diamond (the 2x wild multiplier, of course), and cranked it up to eleven. Well, cranked it up to 3, actually, but that’s still half again as big as Double Diamond!

While the original Triple Diamond was a classic 3-reel, 1-line slot machine, we’ve also run across a 3-line version (the payouts aren’t as big, but they come even more often!). According to IGT’s website, current production includes 3-reel, 5-line versions too, though we have yet to see any ‘in the wild’.

We have seen “Triple Diamond Haywire” machines, with a random function that causes the machine to go, well, haywire. Basically it gives you two of the same wins, when you least expect it.

Apparently, there are also progressive Triple Diamond slots and even something called Triple Double Diamond, though again we haven’t come face to face with any in the casinos. IGT’s site also lists 4-reel, 1-line Triple Diamond slots and the more standard 5-reel, 9-payline Triple Diamond machines.

From the start, Triple Diamond was a success. Sure, many people love flashy, high-tech gadgets, but real slots players know that the proof is in the payouts…and Triple Diamond inherited Double Diamond’s big, frequent payouts as well.

This makes it all the more curious that IGT hasn’t given Triple Diamond to Wagerworks to work their online magic on the game. Well, given what we’ve seen over the past six months, it’s probably just a matter of time.

Until that happens, Triple Diamond fans have many choices for a similar (or perhaps even better) online slots experience. US players, we’re not forgetting you — a number of our choices are specifically with you in mind.

Triple Diamond Online Slots Comparison Table
Slots Game Reels Paylines Wild Multipliers & Other Features US? Play Online?
Triple Diamond 5 9 2x Symbol Wild = 2x Multiplier US Accepted Review Button Blue
Best of Luck 5 20 Lucky Cat Free Spins, 2x – 3x Multiplier US Accepted Review Button Blue
Bust a Vault 3 1 Bank Vault 2 Wilds = 3x Multiplier US Accepted Play Now
Cash Grab Slots 3 1 Double Moneybags 2x + Bonus Grab Moneybags Feature US Accepted Play Now
Triple Diamond 3 1, 3, 5 Triple Diamond Wild = 3x Multiplier US Not Accepted Play Now
Diamond Deal Slots 3 1 Double Diamond Second-Screen Jewelry Box Bonus US Not Accepted Play Now

While you looking at these recommended slots, keep your eyes open — there are plenty of slots with diamonds to be found (in the rough or otherwise!). Though we think our alternatives are appropriate, you may discover that the thing that makes it your perfect slot game has very little to do with Triple Diamond!

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