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In the gaming world, colorful spinning reels with eye-catching symbols dominated slot machine technology for decades. Then, concurrent with the development of video game technology and the growing sophistication of computer graphics from the 1990s until this very day, video slots slowly began to take front and center on the casino gaming floor. Video slots now merge the technology of computer games, animation, TV, and traditional slot machines.

For example, the online version of the Wheel of Fortune slot game features much of the actual casino experience, right down to the simulated deep-plush carpeting and comfy-looking chairs on your computer screen. All you need is for a hostess to walk by periodically, offering you free drinks! (Somewhere in cyberspace, there’s probably a lonely computer programmer working on that very thing even as we speak.)

Even a quick visit to one of our recommended online slots casinos will show you how prevalent the game-show and TV-based themes such as Wheel of Fortune have become. I’ll bet you can’t find a single of our best online casinos that don’t offer something along those lines!

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On the gaming floor, Wheel of Fortune even offers the famous effect of the studio audience chanting out the program’s name. Cleopatra’s Pyramid Slots, an online favorite, truly offers a multimedia sensory experience for all who play her. Exciting sound effects (including a soundtrack of Egyptian-themed music), arcade-quality graphics, and even an aura that’s downright mystical and majestic. Main game reel icons represent Egyptian cultural and mythological symbols, including the legendary Cleo herself. The emerald eyes of Cleopatra actually glow! They’re downright mesmerizing.

There are numerous other video slots that are themed after various classic TV series, including Gilligan’s Island, The Munsters, and I Dream of Jeannie, to name just a handful. And they’ve certainly proven to be crowd pleasers, both at brick-and-mortar casinos and online casinos. There are even video slots that tell a whole story as you’re playing, not unlike a highly interactive movie or TV program. As computer animation and virtual reality continue to evolve at what can only be described as an exponential pace, you can look for video slots to become even more interactive and involving in the not-too-distant future.

Most of the games we’ve just talked about can be played for free at online casinos. You can play just for fun, or for practice, or free slots real money. Typically, to play free slots, you may not have to download any software to your computer or PDA. Many games at most casinos allow you to play right there on a Web-based interface. You may or may not have to register to play free slots, depending upon casino policy and the regulations of the jurisdiction in which it is based.

Video slots technology, combined with the World Wide Web, allow the ease and convenience of playing video slots from the privacy and comfort of your home, your office, or wherever you happen to be when the fancy strikes you. And since you now have the opportunity to play free slots, there’s absolutely no reason not to let that fancy strike you much more often. If you’ve never experienced video slots before, it’s about time that you did. Especially since there’s absolutely no risk and no cost involved right here at our online casino.

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