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With so many different sports, and the huge array of online sports books available - each with different lingo and systems for odds making and betting - simply placing a bet can be confusing.

We're going to clear up any confusion of where to place your sports bet right now. We've rounded up some of the most respected, reputable, and trusted online sports books and bookmakers on the internet, calling into play our many personal years of experience betting online. All of our recommendations found on our comparison chart come with our strongest endorsement.

Best Online Sportsbooks - Comparison Chart

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1 William Hill £30 No £ € $ CAD + 11+

Question: What’s the most popular sport in the world?

Answer: “Football” (which is known as “soccer” in the US).

It goes without saying that football sports betting is one of the most popular online activities earning a substantial market share in the billion dollar online industry that has millions of active and eager fans.

Americans faithfully follow a slew of different sporting events in addition to soccer. American national sports leagues, such as the NBA (basketball), NFL (football), and the NHL (hockey), not to mention other leagues and associations for boxing, golf, ultimate fighting / mixed martial arts, and college sports, should give you an idea where the additional interests lie stateside.

And let’s not forget Horse Racing, which is where sports betting got its humble start in America in the 1800s.

So sign up and try out these sports book betting agencies for a rich and safe online experience (and better odds!) all from the comfort of your home.

Know that you know where to place your bets, let’s try to help you how to figure out how. Below is a primer that might help you bet well enough to be profitable, and answer some basic questions such as how to determine a game’s odds, what percentage of the time you have to win in order to break even, and who is setting the lines.

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There are two basic betting systems employed, governed by whether a game / sport reaches high scores or not.

1. The Spread is the betting system used in high-scoring sports like basketball and football. Basically, this is a handicap used to make all games fairly competitive for bettors. The spread gives one team an advantage of a few points, and the standard way to notate a point spread is to show the favored team first, followed by a negative number (the actual spread). The home team is usually in CAPS.

Here’s an example of a point spread:

Buffalo -7, GREEN BAY

The above spread tells me that Buffalo is playing Green Bay in Green Bay, and Buffalo is favored by a 7 point spread. If someone bets on Buffalo to win, the team would actually have to win by more than 7 points for the bet to pay off. It would be the same as if you considered the Green Bay were given a 7 point lead at the start of the game.

2. The Money Line is the betting system used for low-scoring games like baseball.

This is what a money line might look like:

WHITE SOX -1.20; Astros +1.10

If you want to bet on the favored team (the White Sox), you have to bet $1.20 for every $1 you want to win. If you want to bet on the underdog (the Astros), you have to bet $1 for every $1.10 you want to win.

Incidentally, the above line is known as the “dime line” because ten cents separates the favorite team from the underdog team.

To help you grasp the money line concept, consider this: the White Sox are favored, so there’s a greater chance that they will win the game. It will therefore cost more to bet on the White Sox to win that amount than it costs to bet on the Astros.

Let’s put the money line example in a real-world setting:

Say you want to win $100. If you place your bet on the White Sox, you will have to pay 120. If you win, you get the $120 back plus $100 in winnings. If you lose, the bookie gets to keep your $120. If you bet $100 on the Astros, and if they win, you will get $110 in winnings. If they lose, you will lose $100.

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