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Basketball betting is thrilling, fun and adds a little spice to every game throughout the season.  For the more serious bettor, basketball betting presents plentiful opportunities to reap generous profits.  For the loyal fan, basketball betting provides some extra incentives that will elevate the adrenalin and get the juices going.

On our site, the focus will be on the NBA basketball season and the always exciting college basketball season.  Will the Celtics defend their title?  Will the Lakers come back?  Who will surprise this season?  How will Memphis and Kansas rebuild?  What about Duke and North Carolina?  Will the West Coast mount a resurgence?

What about the NCAA and March Madness, the most popular wagering month of the season?  And where should you place your bets? Whatever your level of interest, whatever your basketball betting intentions, we are here to help.

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Much U.S. basketball betting involves picking the game winner or loser and is called Money Line Betting.  These bets usually relate to a $100 wager.  If a line is -110, that means that if the bettor wagers $100.00 on a team and that team won, the bettor win would profit $110.  Likewise if a team was handicapped +210, the bettor would bet $100.00 and if the team won, the bettor would profit $210.

In Pro Basketball betting and college basketball betting, the handicapper usually establishes a favorite and a line.  This form of wager is called Points Spread Betting.  For this example, let’s say UNC is favored to beat West Virginia.  The line is 6.5 points.  If the bettor selects UNC, the team must win by 7 or more points.  If West Virginia wins or loses by 6 points or less, West Virginia is the successful wager.

Another popular form of basketball betting is the Over-Under Bet.  For an over-under bet a line is established for total pints to be scored in the game.  It is imperative for the bettor to know whether the wager is for the total score or for the score at the end of two halves.  Many of the best sites include over-under lines for the final game score.  Using the UNC-West Virginia college basketball game referenced above, let’s say the over-under line has been set at 162.  If the bettor takes the under, the total points scored by UNC and West Virginia must be below 162 points for the bettor to win.  If the bettor chooses over, the total must exceed 162.  Exactly 162 means the game is a push (nobody wins!), but most sites use a half-point to avoid a push.

Take a glance at one of the best online sports betting sites and you will surely see a wealth of choices that we haven’t even mentioned yet. The best online sportsbooks, such as the ones listed below, will give you detailed info about any game, league, or even player to make your betting as well-informed as if you had your own personal ESPN commentator at your side!

Many basketball sites offer parlay basketball betting.  With parlay betting, various combinations of point spread betting and over-under betting are available.  Parlay wagering pays clearly stated amounts for two or more bets.

Basketball betting sites like Bodog offer halftime and game wagers.  When wagering online, make sure you understand all basketball betting types offered by that site.

For the NBA playoffs and for the NCAA March Madness and NIT events, there are tournament wagers that will be offered when it is determined which teams will be participating.  Team allegiance and crowd enthusiasm is only one reason the basketball season is so popular.  The other is the exciting opportunities offered by basketball betting.  Do your homework and have a great basketball and basketball betting season!

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