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Pro basketball, college basketball and basketball betting go together like peaches and cream.  There are fans who bet for a little added incentive and there are serious basketball bettors who view each game as a potential money-maker.

Online gaming sites such as those listed below provide up-to-the minute point spread lines and over-under lines that pose interesting potential.  Pro basketball betting and college basketball betting both require some legwork.  Know your facts, know the statistics and make informed decisions.  These factors definitely help make winning plays, but a more consistent strategy is needed to win throughout the season.

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A successful basketball betting strategy incorporates research, discipline and effective money management to turn big profits.  And, make no mistake about it, the potential for big wins and a profitable season is out there.

Every successful bettor realizes the importance of money management.  Like the teams themselves, the bettor will go through streaks.  The biggest and most common mistake the unsuccessful bettor makes is to try to recoup losses rather than manage the money.  Money management is about setting a budget and working with that budget.  During the course of the basketball season, the bettor will have winning streaks and losing streaks.  The key to profits is maximizing the winning streaks and minimizing the losing streaks.

The smart bettor begins by establishing and funding a basketball betting bankroll.  Many bettors establish an online account and use that account to discipline themselves.  This way they have a defined bankroll each week and these bettors learn to bet within their limits.  When the bettor wins, always withdraw a percentage of the profits.  When the bettor loses, take the hit and move on.

Any of the best online sports betting sites shown below will have multiple options to manage your funds, as well as detailed history of your account. The safety and security of your account is one of the major factors that these best online sportsbook sites pride themselves upon.

It takes self control and discipline to lose in a smart way.  The inclination is to try to recoup the losses.  The ability to refrain from playing catch-up is the most distinguishable difference between the winning basketball betting strategy and the losing basketball betting strategy.

The serious basketball bettor regards each wager as an investment.  It can be difficult not to play your favorite team, but those wagers are generally recreational wagers and should be regarded as such.  Treat each bet like an investment and the profits will come.  Like the man said, “know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em” all the way to the bank!

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