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College basketball betting is exciting!  Like the college game itself, college basketball betting is filled with history, passionate play and many unexpected results.  Typically the play-in series leading to March Madness and the NCAA tournament are the most prolific wagering events of the season.  But, for enthusiastic bettors, the college basketball betting season is long and has many opportunities.

There are thousands of online sports books where college basketball betting can be made, but they’re not all the same. When betting online, one of your key considerations rests on the reputation and reliability of the sports book itself. You want to make sure that transactions are secure and expedient, and it doesn’t hurt if member services are top-notch. You also want all of the sports games and information at your fingertips, include current statistics, predictions, sports news, and lots of xtras. We know you’re passionate about sports, so we rounded up our own personal list of online sports books that share your passion.

The most popular college basketball betting evolves around point spread betting and over-under wagering as described in our basketball betting article.  During the college basketball betting season, there are games every night and throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday.

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As with pro basketball betting, the college game is heavily influenced by trends, injuries and momentum.  The college game also has lots of history.  Bettors will do well to recognize the history because good college basketball programs are big business and do not easily give up their prestige.  Home court advantage is a big factor at the college level.

The successful college basketball betting strategy will take into account the school’s incoming recruits because the results clearly show that a good recruiting class can jump start any program.  A review of last year’s NCAA tourney will bear that out as upsets dominated the field.  Legendary programs repeatedly lost to relative unknowns right from the start.

Savvy college basketball betting involves doing some homework.  Bettors should stay current on injuries.  Just as a good recruiting class impacts performance, injuries can decimate any team.  The college game tends to rely on key players as the rosters lack the depth of the professional game.

College basketball betting presents terrific parlay opportunities, where the successful bettor can reap high profits on sites like Bodog.  Parlay betting can include a combination of over-under wagers and point spread bets as well as similar field plays.

The NCAA tournament usually features many special college basketball betting opportunities.  Once the field is determined, bettors are encouraged to select winners in every game through the tournament draw.  There are hefty payouts for the winners.  Bettors should carefully read the instructions and completely understand the payoff for these special college basketball betting events.

However, you can be sure that any of the best online sports betting sites will go out of their way to make sure that all the info is clearly provided to you. The last thing they want is to lose customers over a misunderstanding! To reassure yourself on this point, simply take a quick stroll to one of our recommended sites and you will easily see that your betting experience has all of the facts and details out in the open, rather than hidden in the fine print.

As with pro basketball betting, point spread lines and over-under lines change throughout the betting day.  If you see dramatic movement in these lines, make sure to check the results of your homework.  A heavy move could indicate a key injury or disciplinary action.

Perhaps the influence of a home game is more pronounced in college basketball betting than in any other sport.  Regardless of the league, there are very few easy road wins in college basketball.

Successful college basketball betting takes into account the home court advantage.  Whether you are a loyal supporter or alumnus or the more serious college basketball bettor, make an informed move and get in the game!

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