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Leave it to the Yanks to strike out on their own. Just when we had a great selection of the world’s best online sportsbooks, the laws change. Now we have to worry even more than before about which online sportsbook serves which country.

To be fair to our American friends, it’s always been a bit of a grey area. Before all of the online sportsbooks and online casinos became up-to-date with the security and technology, nobody was ever really sure whether it was legal to bet online.

It most certainly is, by the way. Perfectly legal, as long as you know which online sportsbook to choose. Not all online sportsbooks serve all countries.

Luckily, we here at have always made a point to know where the restrictions apply. If you look at any of our online sportsbook reviews, you’ll see a little box on the side which tells you, in no uncertain terms, which countries should not play at the online sportsbook (or casino, or bingo parlour).

Not only that, we took our service commitment one step farther: we compiled a nice quick list of the very best online sportsbooks for the UK and international punters, to make sure that you have the important information at a glance.

Best Online Sportsbooks - Comparison Chart

RankLogo NameBonusRepeat Bonus CurrencyLanguagesPayment MethodsTrusted Play NowReviewRating
1 Bet365 $200 No £ € $ CAD + 10+
2 William Hill £30 No £ € $ CAD + 11+
3 Bet365 £25 No £ € $ CAD + 15+
4 888 Sport £50 No £ € $ DKK SEK 20+
5 Bet 770 £50 No £ € $ AUD + 8+

As a service to our friends across the pond, we have compiled this “best of” list for those of us who know what the word “football” really means. You can find your own list at the “Best US sportsbooks” page on this site.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that we can’t browse away at the US sites, or any other online sportsbook that doesn’t happen to welcome our money. Feel free to visit any online sportsbook that you are particularly fond of for the news, statistics, or irreverent sense of humor (I’m looking in your direction, Paddy!). But when it comes time to put a wager down, make sure that the online sportsbook you give it to can legally take it.

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