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Before the wheel, before writing, before hand prints on cave walls…the ancient pastime of boxing was perhaps our first sport.

Two men, two fists each, and only one winner.

Nothing sends enthusiasts and critics alike into such a furor of controversy. Is it humane? Is it brutal? Is it even a sport?

Here are some of the current betting lines:

Unfortunately due to US jurisdiction, we cannot provide any betting lines from online sportsbooks.

The modern version is relatively civilized compared to the bouts of old, with no weight class and often no time limit except for the expiration date of the loser. Dating from the mid 19th Century, the Marquess of Queensbury rules have set the standards for the often epic matches that we’re familiar with today.

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Perhaps no other sport, aside from horse racing, is so synonymous with betting. One might even say that the course of boxing history has been largely determined by the amounts won and lost from individual fights. Sometimes, unfortunately, before either men ever step into the ring.

But you don’t have to worry about that; all you need to know is that the best online sportsbooks always have all the fights. All the information, all the background, all of the sometimes torturous twisting of the fighter’s rise — and fall. Every class, every bell, every ring, every champion.

All online sports betting websites will let you put money on the big fights. The better ones will tell you about the upcoming fights and what to look for. But only the best, the handful of champions in the online sports betting ring, are deserving of our highest recommendations. Only these sites will let you know what the experts have to say, will give you access to the same info that the experts use to come to their conclusions, and then let you, the customer, make up your own mind — backed by heavyweight account security and featherweight speed…and the kind of personal attention that only a champion expects.

The best online sports betting sites will have you making all the right moves, from the tentative scheduling of the fight until that first bell rings — and sometimes, during the fight itself! If you thought that there was nothing that could set your heart racing as much as the action of boxing…well, you haven’t felt what it’s like to actually have a stake in the outcome. Think of these online sports betting sites as the black-and-white-striped referee that will keep you off the ropes of poor-quality sports book sites, from the desperate clutches of the lumbering brick-and-mortar casinos, and ultimately lift your hand high in the air, declaring you the winner, the champion, the best of the best.

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