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Bet on Boxing

At one time, betting on boxing was bigger than boxing on the NFL.  Unfortunately, the sport underwent investigations which produced evidence of fixed fights and bribery.  Since then, the sport has policed itself well and betting on boxing has undergone resurgence.  Betting and boxing is a  good match, presenting great recreational opportunities and even better profit pockets for the savvy bettor and serious student of boxing.

Luckily for all of us, the storm over betting on boxing produced a thriving, vital area that only grew as the online sports betting sites have grown recently. Now we are well able to find our perfect wager among the best of the online sportsbooks.

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The standard of boxing betting is odds betting.  In a match between Muhammad Ali and Evander Holyfield, the line might look like this:

Ali -200

Hoylfield + 150

Draw + 2000

All three options for the fight are thus covered.  Ali is a clear favorite.  If the bettor wagers $200.00 on Ali and the favorite wins, the bettor receives his bet plus a profit of $100.00.  If the bettor wagers $100.00 on Holyfield and the underdog wins he recoups his wager and profits $150.00. 

If the bettor believes the fight will result in a draw, with no declared winner, the bettor can wager $100.00 and if the fight does end in a draw, the bettor will recoup his $100.00 bet and collect a nifty $2,000.00.  If a bout is declared a draw, neither fighter has won the fight and all bets on both boxers are losing bets.

These are the three odds bets on all matches.  To spice the opportunity, most bookmakers offer proposition bets.  The most popular proposition bet is the over/under bet.  The line on an over/under for boxing might look like this:

Over 6 full rounds   -140

Under 6 full rounds +120

If the bettor wagers $140.00 on the over 6 full rounds, the bettor profits $100.00 if both fighters appear for the start of the seventh round.  If the bettor wagers $100.00 on under 6 full rounds, the bettor profits $120.00 if the fight is ended before the end of the 5th round.  If an over/under line includes a half round, the halfway point is exactly one minute 30 seconds.

In our example above, if the fight ends in the 6th round, the bookmaker wins all bets.

Using the Ali-Holyfield match above, the line would appear:

Ali                                -200

Holyfield                       +150

Draw                            +2000

Total round:                  6

Some gaming sites like the above may offer a “KO” wager.  These are odds for a selected fighter to win by knockout (KO), technical knockout (TKO) or disqualification (DQ).  To win this bet, the selected boxer must win by one of the three listed means.  Any other result is a losing wager.

Pre-bout fight information abounds in the internet and in the printed media.  To get the tale of the tape, learn fight strategy and the boxer’s strengths and weakness, the smart bettor does the homework.  Know your line, know your boxers and make some money watching that next fight.

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