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Why Bet on Boxing

Boxing and betting go together.  Until the 1970’s more money was wagered on boxing than was bet on the NBA or the NHL.  There were many great, colorful and skilled boxers in the era, but there were some unscrupulous managers and several bouts were fixed.  The betting marketplace cooled.  As the fight game has policed itself, fan support and wagering interest has climbed.

Of course, the 1990’s saw the rise of another heavyweight: the Internet. This daring challenger took the world by storm and quickly became a household name. The two titans of wager and web were bound to meet sooner or later…

It wasn’t until the dawn of a new millennium that multimedia technology, processing power, and network capabilities had created a reliable, fast, and secure structure capable of supporting a robust online sports betting environment. But once that happened, betting, and boxing, would never be the same…

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One of the primary reasons to bet on boxing is that boxing is perhaps the most individual and personal of sports.  There are plenty of opportunities for the bettor to get to know the boxer.  Height, reach, conditioning routines, trainer, previous history and all the statistics related to the boxer should be scrutinized.  Every detail has meaning.

Other important factors include; size, punching power, age, quality of previous opponents, current performance trends, winning and losing streaks and record against similar opponents.  Fighters can improve and gain prowess through experience, but they also have tendencies.  Understanding these factors simplifies the betting process.

This is not to say that upsets do not happen.  They do.  That is what makes boxing so compelling.  There is also the factor of judging.  If you are a boxing fan, you have undoubtedly seen questionable bout decisions.  With today’s coverage and media scoring, the unexpected is a rare occurrence, but the possibility does exist.

When evaluating a boxing wager, one of the most important considerations is the status of the trainer.  A change in trainers can often signal a change of style and training technique.  Trainers develop a boxer’s offensive and defensive philosophies.  A change of trainers often means a change in defensive and offensive strategies.  The prudent bettor can learn a lot about the boxer by being familiar with the boxer’s trainer.

Most boxers move up and down in weight class.  Tracking these shifts tells says a lot about the boxer.  Be watchful of the boxer who moves up or down in too many classes. 

Be just as prudent when it comes time to choose one or more of the best online sports betting sites. The smart bettor has an eye for all the important statistics and background details.

An overlooked handicapping skill is the boxer’s defensive abilities.  Defense scores points with judges.  Look to the trainer to know what to expect you’re your boxer’s defense.  Can he deflect, how is the footwork and can your boxer take a punch?  If the bettor cannot answer these questions, the wager is a recreational wager and should be treated as such.

And, recreational betting on boxing is fun.  Of course, it is more fun when you have the winner.  If you are playing your heart or a hunch, put it down and enjoy the fight, but if you want to profit, do all the homework and let the good times roll!

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