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Cricket – The Big Play

At 300 years young, cricket continues to flourish as an international game contested globally and bet upon around the world and over the internet.  The stars of the game are legendary and the viewing public is immense.  Betting parlors and gaming sites are filled with savvy bettors looking to make the right investment or to place a recreational “watch” bet.  What better way to liven up a pretty hot and passionate sporting activity.

Cricket is no longer just for the English.  Million of wagers are made worldwide on One Day cricket matches or on the Twenty 20.  Cricket wagering is usually on the head-to-head, Highest Opening Partnership, 1st Dismissal, Hi Bat, Toss, runs, innings, wickets, batsman and, of course, on the results.  The flexibility of cricket betting has a certain sophistication- but what would you expect from a 300 year old game!  If you know cricket, there is a wager waiting for you at one of the best online sports betting establishments:

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Although 300 years old, the game of cricket has changed a bit over time.  Incredibly fast deliveries, lightning quick batsmen and historic rivalries now permeate throughout the cricket world.  Cricket wagering has been a healthy gaming wager since the 17th century.  Wagering actually contributed to the competitiveness and expansion of the game as wealthy gamblers soon formed and sponsored their own teams.  Wagering flourished through the 18th century and has been refined since the 19th century but the fans are out there and the bets just keep coming.

Today, gaming sites offer cricket betting on most international matches including the One Day Internationals, the Test Matches and the Twenty20 games.  Wagering can also be found on premier matches in certain leagues.

Recently, spread betting has been promoted on many cricket sites.  Oddsmakers establish lines for just about all popular forms of wagering and the bettor is offered over-under choices.  The amount of winnings are dependent upon the size of the wager and how correct the bettor is. Have a visit to some of the best online sports betting sits and you’ll quickly see how easy and enjoyable it can be to participate in the drama.

When betting on cricket, the bettor should familiarize himself with the wagering forms on that site and should make sure all lines and odd are clearly understood.

Most cricket gaming sites offer information about each match.  Player and team statistics, previous history and all relevant topics including health issues are easy to find.  When posting a wager, the bettor’s maximum risk is usually stated before the transaction is finalized.  Many sites offer free introductory cricket wagers.  Cricket wagering will add some spunk to every match.  Give it a try!

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