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Football (whether you call it association football, futbol, or soccer) just might be the most popular sport in the entire world. Nearly every country in the world has a healthy population of football fans and the number continues to grow. Whether you grew up with the game or you’re just now becoming a popular fan, football is sure to excite. The crowds, the fight songs, rooting for your team and following your favorite player- all of this and more makes football a unique experience.

Here are some of the current football (soccer) betting lines:

Unfortunately due to US jurisdiction, we cannot provide any betting lines from online sportsbooks.

One need only take a quick trip to the best online sports books to see just how much football has come into its own; during the regular season, it tops the list of international sports…and when the finals really get going, nothing else even comes close.

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From “The Laws of the Game” to FIFA, football has maintained a clarity of vision and purpose during the rise in its popularity that most international sports can only envy. Aside from one or two countries that have a nostalgic fondness for another sport, football has truly become the shared sports language worldwide. In no other sport does colorful national character assert itself side-by-side with disciplined teamwork and sportsmanship.

Betting on football is easy. Much like the game itself, football betting is one of the most commonly practiced types of sports wagering. Nearly all booking agents will offer odds on any football match. You’ll be surprised at just how many games and wagers are available, from the World Cup all the way down to the smallest club’s first match.

In our experience, sticking with a trusted sportsbook can make all the difference. That’s why we’ve listed a few of our favorite oddsmakers below. If that isn’t enough to satisfy, check out our reviews section for information on dozens of top betting parlours available online.

One of the best reasons to go with an online sportsbook is the international scope of the wagers. No matter where your internet connection is (or what your currency may be!), games and teams from Brazil to Japan, from Costa Rica to the Czech Republic, all of these are no further than a click away. Football and the internet, proof that the international world is within reach and coming together in unity in the 21st Century.

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