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The earliest major evolution that would bring us the modern game of football came about in the 16th Century England, but the first set of written rules would not come about until the 19th Century. By then, however, most of the elements that would make up the rules were already being practiced in some form or another; different clubs had different rules, but gradually they came together out of necessity for standardization as well as obvious best practice.

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It was the 17 “Laws of the Game” that finally launched the modern era of football; these laws, and the accompanying diagrams and guidelines, remain nearly unchanged (though with several clarifications and necessary adaptations) in today’s FIFA rules. The fact that the game has changed so little testifies to the quality and maturity of the rules written over a century ago.

The rules deal very specifically with the game itself rather than the conduct surrounding the game, or ancillary activities related to football. No doubt the public schoolboys of 16th Century England were just as used to betting on the games as we are, but club rules, local custom, and national law have given a vastly differing view on gambling over the last century or so. Luckily for all concerned, there is now a standardized method of wagering to match the standardized rules of the game.

Online sports betting has taken the previously chaotic and often murky world of sports betting and given it the kind of clarity and international scope that the rules of the game provided to the sport of football. Always within reach, always secure and easily understood, the best online sports books share the professionalism and integrity of today’s football structure. Just take a glance at the best of the sites, and you will see how far we’ve come since the shady days of treble chance at the corner pub.

Unless you happen to be a player or club owner, betting on football is a fun addition to the drama and excitement that football provides. It can also be very profitable, with a bit of luck and a knowledge of the rules of the game (following the clubs and players helps a bit, as well!). When it comes time to join the fun and place a bet, choose one of our recommended online sports betting websites for the best, safest, and most enjoyable experience.

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