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The rise of football to its current domination of the world sports stage took centuries, and the rise of the internet mostly happened over the past two decades. Still, they’ve managed to come together perfectly and offer an unprecedented opportunity to experience something that, until now, has been an elusive goal: the perfect sports betting experience.

The best thing about football is the thrill of the game itself. However, for most of us, being a mere spectator isn’t quite enough — we want to feel ourselves a part of the game, involved in the drama and the struggle. Some of us don the colours and some of us get into (shall we say) heated debates on the matter. Perhaps the most involving method, however, allows us to place a little wager on the outcome, and therefore marry our fortunes to the unfolding narrative of the field.

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Of course, some of us do it for the money itself, which is fine. A canny football fan who’s not tied to any particular club can certainly make some money for themselves if they have all the information (and, of course, a little luck). Check out some of the best online sports books and you’ll soon get an idea of the possibilities:

Any of the sportsbooks worth their salt will cover football. After all, it’s the world’s number one game. However, there are certainly a lot of places where you can bet on football…some legal, some debatable, and some obviously illegal. Even the most above-board of the “real” or brick-and-mortar sports books can attract shady or downright dangerous interests, so it may very well be a safer bet (pun intended) to focus your attention on a place where you know you and your money will be safe and most secure.

Coincidentally, that place is also the most convenient, as well as giving you the most easy access to all the information you could possibly need. Of course, I’m talking about the internet…and now, with wireless technology becoming so fast and sophisticated, it need not even be your desk; your sofa will do just fine, or the airport, or the park. Imagine that, the park as your personal sportsbook!

The only remaining problem is the veritable flood of online sports betting websites. Luckily, you have us — and we have experience. We’ve sorted through the mess and identified the handful of sports books online that represent the best that online sports betting has to offer. With these sites, you can forget about all the distractions and concerns and focus on the football and the fun (and, perhaps, the financial rewards!). These online sports books consider your business and your security — and your loyalty — to be the foundation of their own success.

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