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Let’s get one thing clear right from the start: there are any number of “tipster” sites on the internet, and this is NOT one of them. Most of those kinds of sites should be approached with the utmost caution, with the majority of them full of false or misleading information and the worst of them doing whatever they can to take advantage of people like you.

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With that out of the way, the topic of football tips is obviously a controversial one. The best tips are the ones which give you the best chance of winning, right? Well, unfortunately, the best tips are the ones which are most likely to be treading on ethical (if not legal) shaky ground. If this were the stock market, such tips would be known as “insider trading” and would be the province of the SEC. This kind of thing gives gambling a bad name, and you and I both know that is the last thing the practice of honest wagering needs.

The best online sports books will provide you with all the “tips” that you need, and by that i mean all of the information, statistics, and history of the clubs and games — basically, everything that you’ll want to make a smart choice about your next wager. Simply take a look at the football page on each of the following sites, and you’ll have a year’s worth (or more) of commentary and stats on the game you love.

Now far be it from me to get up on any ethical high horse. If you have a method or source for making sure that you win more often than you lose, by all means, utilize that to the best of your ability. Some of us play the odds for fun, because it adds to the football experience, and some of us know how to make a living doing it. If your tastes run more towards the latter, be my guest.

On the other hand, it cannot be stated clearly enough that all of the online sports betting sites that we recommend on our pages have the highest integrity and concern for your security and safety — that’s why they use state-of-the-art technology in their hardware and software security systems and accounts, and also why they use nothing but the best in 24/7 personal customer service and support. By keeping you safe, and loyal, they want to put as much distance as possible between themselves and the shaky side of the gambling street.

Take a good long look at the sports betting sites listed here. You can tell from the quality asnd quantity of the information that they present about football that they are experts, that they love the game as much as you, and that they take your business very seriously. The “tips” that they provide are not meant to drive up their profits and line their bank accounts…except by ensuring that they are giving you the best possible online sports betting experience and virtually guaranteeing your business and loyalty in the future.

So, ultimately, that’s the single best “tip” that I can give you: the best information is found on the best online sports sites, which just happen to be the best places for you to place the wager of your choice.

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