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Golf Betting

Golf betting adds a little vigor to every match and every tournament.  If you are a golfer, you probably enjoy a friendly wager on the course.  Why not add that little extra juice to the next professional tournament? Any of the best online sports betting websites listed below meet our stringent standards for excellence, customer attention, and account security.

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Golf betting is available on all professional American and European tournament events.  As with the professional circuits, upsets and surprises abound.

To achieve successful golf betting, the bettor needs to know player tendencies and preferences.  Certain golfers definitely perform better on different courses.  Many golfers seem to acquire a “home court” advantage on certain tour courses.  Before wagering, the bettor should do a little research.  Past performance histories are easily obtained over the internet.

Online gaming services like the ones shown below provide dependable lines and are well known for quick, hassle-free payouts.  The reputable sites explain their wagering forms.

When planning the wager, the bettor must know the type tournament and the competition.  For typical stroke play, the players are assigned odds lines.  For example Vijay Singh might be listed in the Buick Open as 10/1.  Those are his odds to win the event.  If the bettor wagered $50 on Vijay and Singh was the champion, the bettor would win $500 at 10/1.  The bettor wins $10 for every $1 wagered.  Of course, the bettor recoups his original investment.  In this case the bettor has made a bet to win.

In some cases, bettors bet for a place finish.  Place finish bets differ from each bookmaker.  Odds are usually different for places 1-3 and 1-6.  When making this bet, check the site for the respective odds and the payout.

Another popular golf bet is called betting each way.  This wager is actually a combination of a bet to win and a bet to place finish.  If the player fails to win but places, the bettor loses the win bet but wins the place bet.  Again, check the site to verify the payout, terms and odds.

Match Bets are bets that occur when a bet selects one player against a specific opponent in a strokeplay tournament.  A Two Ball Bet is a bet on one specific round selecting one player to outperform another.  The Three Ball Bet is a wager selecting one player over two other players.

Group Betting occurs when the handicapper selects a group of players and posts odds for players in the group to outperform the other players in that specific group.

A Combination Bet allows the bettor to select several of the formats above.  To win, all the combination bets must be winners.

Spread Betting is exciting.  In this wager, the handicapper establishes a finishing position for a player and the bettor wagers with the player, or “buys” the player, if the bettor thinks the player will bettor the position or “sells” the player if the bettor thinks the player will perform below the handicapper’s position.  The stakes are high for this type wager and the bettor should fully understand the sites odds.

Pick your tournament, select your players and play to profit with golf betting online.

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