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Greyhound Racing Betting

Greyhound racing is a prominent spectator sport popular in the UK, the USA, Ireland and Australia.  There is no doubt that wagering is the chief ingredient in greyhound racing.  Unlike other sports, most greyhound racing spectators are bettors who know their greyhounds.  And, there is a lot to know.  Betting on greyhounds and betting on thoroughbreds have many similarities.  Winning greyhound bets have little to do with luck and should be based on knowledge and experience.

The savvy greyhound bettor knows about the sport and has a sound betting strategy. The knowledgeable greyhound bettor will find the internet loaded with greyhound wagering sites and greyhound performance records. Betting on greyhounds is a 12 month a year endeavor. Odds are simple to understand and the wager options are clearly stated. Bettors will be well advised to familiarize themselves with their selected betting sites.

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Of course, betting on hunches can be just as much fun, as long as you don’t really expect to win more often than you lose! (still, that one lucky hunch can sometimes feel even sweeter than a reasonable and well-though-out bet after hours of consideration. Luckily, the choice is all yours…

Greyhounds have form and performance ratings, much like racehorses.  Greyhounds have peak running seasons and they can have off seasons.  Wise greyhound bettors collect and analyze relevant research about the field.  There are three important criteria in evaluating greyhound bets:

  1. Price
  2. Value of odds – is it an under-priced or over-priced wager
  3. Type of bet (single-multiple or combo)

Many greyhound bettors do not wager when the odds are below 2-1.

The three most popular betting types are the Straight Bet, the Double Bet and the Future Bet.

When handicapping greyhounds the bettor must evaluate the dog’s early speed capabilities, the late speed abilities, the greyhounds class, previous times, his heart or courage, how he handles trouble and his track preference.  Knowledge of these factors helps make winning bets.

For early speed, bettors look for greyhounds that assert themselves early and can take the lead at the first turn.  Closers follow the pack until the 8th pole.  The greyhound’s ability to be in the right position to make a power move is the main key for the closer.  This can be an unpredictable way to win a wager.  Determining the greyhound’s class is very helpful in evaluating the talent.  Note the class of the current race and evaluate the entry’s past performance history in that class.

Any of the best online sports betting sites will have plenty of information available, including the kinds of statistics that we’ve been addressing. Take a quick look at any of our recommended sites below to see all that they have to offer to help you make the wagering decision that you want to make!

Measuring the greyhound’s heart and ability to cope with trouble are tougher tasks.  Frontrunners can often avoid the grouping that results in trouble.  Also greyhounds who like to run on the rail often have a hard time getting their position.  It is important to recognize how often certain greyhounds find trouble.  If the dog has a propensity for bad position, stay off the wager.

Smart greyhound bettors analyze the racing form and make their best analytical selection.  Often bettors follow certain greyhounds.  With the enormous volume of greyhound tracks available on internet gaming sites, it is easy to become an expert on specific greyhound racers.  Greyhound racing is fast, furious and profitable.  Learn your hounds and make some dough!

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