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Handball is a great way to relax and exercise.  But did you know that there’s a competitive professional league as well?  If you didn’t, maybe it’s time to check it out. The athletes are amazingly disciplined competitors and are sure to provide an exciting time for you and yours.

Six players plus a goalkeeper face off in a manner broadly similar to football (soccer) rules — except, of course, that play is limited to the hands rather than the feet.

In the past, handball was not the most popular sport to wager on. However, the rise of online bookmakers has given many of the sports with a more focused audience the chance to experience the kind of participation and exposure that previously only major league and international sports enjoyed. Handball bets may take a little more searching than FIFA football or NBA basketball wagers, but a quick browse through the listings of the best online sports books should give you an idea of the growing popularity of this fine sport.

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If you have not yet been exposed to professional handball, you may be surprised to discover that many countries host handball clubs and national leagues — France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Hungary, Denmark, and Norway, among others. The September start of the European Champions League games launches the main surge of attention and interest, and should certainly signal the height of the handball wagering opportunities.

During Handball Championships and Olympic Handball events, television channels broadcast many games live, also giving handball fans the chance to place live wagers right up until the final minute.

Betting on handball is easy as well.  Just go online, make a few clicks of the mouse and you’re done!  Handball games are fast and exciting, so you’re sure to see the results in almost as little time as it took to place the bet in the first place.  Be sure to read up on the players and venues so you’re well educated when you place your bet.

These are a few of our favorite places to bet online.  Check back regularly as we continue to provide you information about the most trustworthy places to gamble online anywhere.

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