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Shattering hits and lightning fast one-timers. Pucks fly at over a hundred miles per hour and brave men willingly throw themselves in front of these speeding bullets. Bloody fist fights break out left and right while thousands of fans cheer them on. All this, and they do it on ice skates. Hockey is one of the most exciting sports in the entire world and it only makes sense that people take that excitement to the betting table, too.

Here are some current betting lines:

Unfortunately due to US jurisdiction, we cannot provide any betting lines from online sportsbooks.

Hockey tends to be more seasonal than many other major sports, but chances are someone is probably playing right now. Check at one of our recommended sites to see if there is anything going on that interests you. At the very least, the best online sports betting sites have plenty of information about the behind-the-scenes action between the seasons./p>

Hockey is popular all over the world — Russia, England, Canada, the US, Eastern Europe, and more. With so many countries sporting teams, the options for real money wagers are just as enormous. When looking at potential sportsbooks for betting on ice hockey, see what countries and teams they offer. If they don’t currently have any wagers available on your favorite team, check elsewhere. You’ll be sure to find one that caters to you in no time.

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Of course, if you’re more of a money-making type of bettor, you’ll have opportunities to scan the odds and statistics and make a smart bet no matter who may be playing. Sometimes there is more fun in the sports book than there is on the ice.

Below is a list of some of the best online sportsbooks. Be sure to read up on their terms and policies. All of them offer excellent services and quality odds. Finally, if you don’t see something you like, check out our reviews section where we offer critiques and analysis of dozens of online betting houses.

Be sure to check out regularly as we’ll be featuring more updates on ice hockey, including information and rules of the game, betting strategies and tips, and more.

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