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Hockey Betting 

Ice hockey has passionate fans.  The blistering pace, the hard physical play and the raucous crowds add to the drama and suspense of this international game.  In addition to the NHL and several minor leagues played in North America, most European countries also feature high quality leagues.  Whatever level of play interests the bettor, there is a wager waiting to be made.

Here are some current betting lines:

Unfortunately due to US jurisdiction, we cannot provide any betting lines from online sportsbooks.

Any of the best online sports betting sites will have plenty of opportunities for the bettor whose interest is hockey. All provide lines for NHL hockey wagering, and some minor league games as well.  The lines are clearly stated in the Puck Line, The Money Line and the Game Total bet categories.

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Hockey betting fans can bet on the NHL, the World Hockey League, the European Hockey League, the hockey leagues in Germany, Italy, Poland, Austria, Finland, Denmark and Norway.  Yes, hockey has an international feel and hockey betting includes all the games in all the leagues.  Do your research, follow your team and spice up every game with a wager.

The NHL is the world’s most prestigious league and draws much international fan support and far and away the most wagering interest.  Avid fans from around the world take positions throughout the regular season into the Stanley Cup Playoffs and through the best-of-seven Stanley Cup finals.  The NHL has expanded its international appeal by recruiting many of the best players from around the world.

The NHL consists of 30 teams all vying for the Stanley Cup.  24 of these teams are located within the U.S. while 6 teams are based in Canada, the origin of the game.  Canada still serves as the biggest provider of NHL talent.  NHL fans fill the rinks and the air waves to see these teams square off and attempt to establish their foothold on a berth in the playoffs.  Many NHL games are televised around the world.

Knowledgeable fans know the teams, understand the differing strategies, know which teams are defensively inclined versus offensively inclined and are very aware of the home ice advantage.  Long standing NHL teams have traditions to uphold and their fans do not take kindly to unfulfilled expectations. Whether you want to bet on your favorites, on an inspired hunch, or play with all the history and statistics at your disposal, the recommended sites below will allow you to make the bet that you want.

In hockey betting, a puck line is equivalent to a point spread.  In a game between the Montreal Canadiens and the Boston Bruins in Montreal, the Canadiens might be -1.5 while the Bruins would be +1.5.  To win the bet, the Canadiens must win by more than 1.5 goals while the Bruins can win the game or lose by less than 1.5 goals to win.

Money line betting is similar to odds betting with each team’s chances handicapped by a betting line.  The game total line is an over-under opportunity.  The most common game total line is 5.5 goals.  Game total lines include an odds line.  Bettors should familiarize themselves with the betting opportunities presented by each site.

Many of the best online sportsbook sites also offer two way and three way parlay bets.  These wages are popular with the well-versed fan.  Whatever the bettor’s interest, one thing is for sure; ice hockey betting is like the game, fast and furious.  Feel the passion, bet ice hockey!

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