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Bet on Motor Racing

Motor racing is about speed, aerodynamic automotive technology, powerfully engineered engines, aggressive drivers with lightning reflexes…and about the thrill of watching spectacular races unfold with winning bets on the successful racing teams and drivers.  Betting and motor racing are a good fit and will keep every fan glued to their seat or the television.  With the advent of increased television coverage, betting lines have opened wide.

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The increased sophistication of technology has allowed sports betting to take on a whole new level. The best online sportsbooks, like those listed below, offer options that the old speedway or bookmaker could only dream about. And they wouldn’t be shown here if they weren’t 100% trustworthy and dedicated to your satisfaction.

European Motor racing is divided into three main categories: Formula 1 racing, Moto GP racing and Superbike World Championship.  Results for all motor racing are determined by the podium position on the day of the prize awards for that specific race.  If results change after that day, there are no changes to race day results from the handicapper’s viewpoint.  In individual matchups, if both drivers do not complete the race, the winner is deemed to be the driver who completes the most laps.

Typical motor racing betting includes lines on outright winners, pre-determined match races, first car to retire wagers, and World Rally Championship wagering.

For Formula 1 racing, there are 18 events each year, all on legendary race courses around the world.  There are two prominent Formula 1 titles; the Drivers Championship and the Constructors Championship.  Formula 1 racing is about strategy, teamwork and shaving every possible second off each lap.  Speeds typically approach 320 km/h.  Viewership has exploded for the sport.  Participants and fans from more than 200 countries flock to watch the event in person and on the television.

Moto GP racing is highly specialized and features state-of-the-sport motor bike technology and daring drivers.  There are three race levels; 125cc, 250cc and Moto GP class up to 800cc.  Each category has weight and stroke restrictions.  Like Formula 1 racing, there are also 18 hotly contested Moto GP events each year.

Superbike World Championship uses upgraded production motorcycles.  The World Championship is the highest goal of the Superbike season and reflects results accumulated over a series of tracks.  Like Formula 1, there are two main annual titles; The Riders Championship and the Constructors Championship. 

Formula 1 racing often finds bettors wagering more on the auto manufacturer and team rather than on the driver.  With cycle racing, bettors tend to bet on the racers themselves.  The popularity of all motor racing allows for easy access to all necessary background and performance records.

With sites like these, you can be sure to find the racing wager that you are looking for, and more. All the info on every major international racing circuit is available, whether you’re more a LeMans or NASCAR fan (or anything in-between). Bettors can find year round opportunities with motor racing gaming sites.  Add to the thrills and get behind your star.  Whatever your style, there is a motor racing bet waiting for you.

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