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The most important thing to understand when wagering on sports are the odds. In fact, as a bettor, you’re better off knowing the odds than you are knowing the rules of the sport!

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Knowing how to read the odds is the difference between placing a bet and throwing your money away blindly when it comes time to put your money on the table. Whether you are just getting started or wondering why you’re not having more luck, understanding the odds should be your first goal if you ever intend sports betting to be a serious hobby.

Whether you think you know odds or not, browse the different sports on one of our trusted and recommended sites below. I guarantee that you will see odds expressed in at least one way that you’re not completely sure of.

Odds come in many varieties.  Different regions have significant variations on how their odds are calculated and displayed.  For instance, the UK and the United States differ greatly in how sportsbooks display their calculated odds.  In the UK (and on most horse races internationally, in slightly different form), odds are displayed in fractions.  A 5/1 bet would earn the better five times the amount initially wagered.  The US system, in contrast, lists the amount of money earned per $100 bet.

The odds that make the most sense to you are probably the ones that you are most used to seeing, or even the basic maths that you took back in school. Odds that are expressed as decimals may be intuitive to some, while other may stare at 0.50 for ten minutes before they realize they’re looking at 1/2. Veterans of the horse track might not even think about a 10 to 1 line, but have absolutely no clue when they see a money line.

Go ahead, take another look around the best sports betting sites. Do you have a different perspective now?

If you’re more confused than ever, don’t worry…not only do we offer a refresher course in the odds at here but all of the best online sportsbooks also have a page or two that shows the basics of understanding odds. They may be in it for the money, but they’re also willing to build their business on trust and loyalty rather than uniformed gamblers. That’s what sets them apart from the run-of-the-mill sportsbooks. Everyone that we recommend would prefer that you read up on odds before you do any online betting.

When you are ready to bet online, we have a few websites we highly recommend.  In our experience, they’re some of the top online sports books. Look them over and see if you agree!

Be sure to check out all of our guides to sports betting for even more great guides and tips.

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