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Snooker walks the fine line between high class and back alley excitement. From its origins in the regiments in India, where officer-gentry and rough-and-ready private soliders traded cues, snooker has lived in two worlds: one of privilege and excess — and another in dives and smoke filled rooms. Is it any wonder that betting and snooker go hand-in-hand?

Here are some of the current betting lines:

Unfortunately due to US jurisdiction, we cannot provide any betting lines from online sportsbooks.

No matter how you see the game, the professional snooker circuit is filled with consummate professionals who perform miraculous feats with their cues on a daily basis. A constant regimen of discipline and practice must accompany natural talent to form the upper levels of the skilled snooker player, and each shot is the convergence of a dozen knife’s-edge elements that could go awry at the slightest shift of the wind.

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However, betting on snooker is easy — easier than ever, in fact, now that online sportsbooks make it as simple as a single click!  Most online agencies have some type of snooker (and/or another of the billiard-related games) to bet on, depending of course on the season.  Be sure to check out a few of our recommended online sports betting sources to get the best idea of which games are available.  Check out our reviews section for an in-depth look into a number of different betting houses.

Finding a good sports book used to be as difficult as finding a good game of snooker, and for many of the same reasons. The ones in your local area were dubious, if not outright illegal, and the ones that you thought you could trust were out of your reach at the moment. Luckily, the computer professionals finally overcame the security and speed issues that had made the internet a poor (if not completely improbable) choice for your sports betting needs.

Now the opposite problem exists: there are too many options online. You can find bookmakers just by doing a web search, but do you really want to trust your hard-earned money to an unknown element? Take our recommendations instead; we’ve verified that they are 100% trustworthy, that they offer as good or better selection and variety of the games and wagers as anyone, and they’ll court your continued business with an unmatched dedication to customer service and support.

So, how things have changed, eh? Snooker is respectable. Betting is respectable. Even the Internet is respectable. And when you put them all together, you end up with a way to get the games you like, the wagers you want to make, and complete protection for yourself and your account while you do so. Sounds like a miracle shot that I for one never would have been able to call!

For more detailed information, read our guide to betting on snooker online.

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