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There are basically three types of sports bettors: there’s the person who places a bet because they’re a fan of a team, or excited about a specific event, the person who simply likes to bet on sports and makes choices based on the sport’s current season’s information, and the bettor who sees the process as a money-making proposition akin to the stock market, with trends and calculations and patterns that can be anticipated and exploited.

That last category has spawned a minor industry of ‘betting systems’, which give you information on placing wagers to maximize your chances of making a profit. Usually, you’ll purchase the system as a full package for the season or as a subscription to regular tips and instructions that apply to the latest round of games.

These systems are usually very specific; a system shouldn’t be able to work on different sports or leagues (or from one season to the next), without significant changes. So many of the variables change (player and team performance as well as sportsbook odds and procedures) that last year’s tip will be useless for this year…though the basic rules of the system itself may apply, with the necessary updates.

In fact, most of the existing sports betting systems are based on theories and calculations that are quite old…as in pre-Internet. The rise of online sportsbooks merely made the systems more focused and more widely available.

The one that we’ve been watching lately is the “Bookie Buster” system by a fellow named Frank Belanger. He’s been in the sports-betting scene for some time…his website relates a few of his past successes, and there is plenty of information available on the ‘web to acquaint yourself with his reputation.

Frank promises that “You Are 150% Guarantee To Win” (okay, so English may not be his strongest skill), which is a pretty solid endorsement…except that his terms and conditions also state that you are really not guaranteed to win, and that it’s all for entertainment purposes and you do this at your own risk. But he does provide a 60 day money-back guarantee, so you’ve really got nothing to lose.

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