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A successful sports betting strategy begins with a frank determination of the seriousness of the bettor’s commitment. Recreational betting on sports or greyhound or horse racing is fun and certainly adds some spice to the day’s activities, but this fun exercise should be regarded as exactly what it is; a way to add some punch to your viewing experience. Recreational bettors tend to play their favorite teams regardless of the betting lines. There is nothing wrong with a recreational wager or enhancing your viewing pleasure with a “watch” bet. The recreational bettor must be prepared to lose and should confine bets to a manageable level.

In the gaming industry, bettors who bet on favorite teams or who throw in a “watch bet” are referred to as “squares.” These bettors should only make recreational bets. If a “square” wants to get serious, changes will be necessary.

Whether you are a recreational bidder looking for Australian horse racing tips, or a pro betting on fantasy sports games, you’ll find anything and everything to bet on at any of our recommended sites below. This carefully-selected group of premium online sports books makes our cut (and we’ve spent years testing all of the online sites out there) because of their level of professionalism, integrity, and passion for the game.

Whether you are betting on a fantasy sports game or an actual game, it is important to understand betting strategy. The serious bettor makes wagers for only one reason; to turn a profit and make money. Favorite teams are replaced by betting and profiting opportunities. The serious bettor looks at every game from a new and different perspective. The savvy bettor realizes that there are winning and losing plays. That bettor is mentally prepared to cope with both.

Different sports sites offer different lines. Generally, these lines move according to the level of activity and action. Sports books know their business and always look for the most favorable lines. Our online sports betting choices always have the best odds in the business for the serious bettor.

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Now that betting is a serious investment play, treat it as such. There is a reason gaming casinos offer free drinks. Serious bettors do not wager when under the influence of alcohol.

Investors who purchase stocks do not pick a number. They compile data and statistics and specialize in the analysis of those numbers. If a bettor does not do their homework, they are asking for trouble and doomed to fail. Some bettors specialize on certain teams or individuals. By specializing, the bettor can play against a team’s weaknesses. There is money to be made identifying flaws and weaknesses.

One of the best plays in sports betting is the home underdog. Remember that “squares” tend to bet late in the day and they tend to bet on favorites. If a serious bettor likes the underdog, he should make his play as late as possible, giving the line a chance to move from the “square’s” actions. Serious bettors who like the favorite make their play early. Timing is everything. Home teams play hard throughout the contest. Visiting favorites tend to soften as the game unwinds. Winning bettors always have an eye to the home underdog.

The tips above will help, but each bettor should develop their own strategy and set their own goals. Follow these guidelines to move from the “square” betting mode to your own niche.

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