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Sportsbooks (sports books, bookmakers, bookies, betting parlours, et cetera) are places where interested people can go to place bets.  As the name implies, these bets are usually made on sporting events, but the types of wagers available are not necessarily sports.  Contests, political elections, world events, and more… all of these are regularly available for sports book betting.

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Betting on sports is one of the oldest ways to gamble. Wagers on physical competitions are noted in many classical texts, and the tradition has continued to this day as many sports fans wager on events like the World Cup, the Superbowl, the Tour de France, and even reality television like Big Brother. Throughout history, gambling has had a sometimes controversial nature, sometimes running afoul of religious and legal structures, but every civilization of which we have record has established ethical and legal rules which supported some mode of gambling, and most often these legitimate gambling institutions were based upon sporting events.

The 21st Century has led to the most exciting new chapter in the history of gambling, with the advent of online gaming and sportsbooks. Some of the top online sports betting sites are run as offshoots of an existing big-name “brick and mortar” sports betting business, many of whom have years of experience behind them. Others have rapidly established credibility and loyalty among their customers with flawless security technology and attentive customer support.

Most, if not all sportsbooks offer a membership which comes with initial and long-term benefits for the regular hobbyist or serious bettor. Be sure to spend some time researching any sportsbook that you consider joining.  Make sure that they offer all of the games you’re likely to want to wager on, and play around with their site and pages to make sure they feature a user-friendly interface. Most importantly, verify that they have state-of-the-art security and always-available support. Most of the larger names meet these criteria, but it’s always good to cautious about where you spend your money.

Also look towards taking advantage of the promotions offered by the various sportsbooks. Some businesses offer deals to encourage betting or depositing money.  Some offer free wagers or bonuses to deposits.  Read the fine print and see what you can get!  Don’t let free money slip through your fingers because you didn’t look to see what you could get.  For more information on how to select a sportsbook, read our carefully prepared article designed to help you find the agency that’s right for you.

We have thoroughly examined and tested each of the sites we recommend here, but let your own instincts and reason guide you to the best decision for you. At the very least, you may use our choices as a springboard for your final decisions.

Finally, always remember that gambling on sporting events is always meant to be in good fun.  Set limits for yourself and budget yourself wisely.  Betting is meant to be entertaining after all – not stressful!

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