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How To Select an Online Sportsbook

First of all, we offer our recommendations for you to see what we consider to be the best of the online sports betting websites. Please browse them in total safety — there is nothing at any of these sites that will download to your computer or take your money or personal information. You can browse almost everything that they have to offer completely free, and the decision is yours whether you want to take matters any further. Once you’ve seen (or while you are seeing) what these sites are like, continue with our guide to know what you are looking at, and what you should be looking for.

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Selecting the best online sportsbook is more than picking the site with the most glitter and catch-phrase promises.  Spectators wager for two reasons; to enhance their viewing experience or to invest with earnest.  In these scenarios, the bettor should demand a responsive site that does what it says.  If there is a disadvantage to internet wagering, it is that the bookmaker can seem a bit impersonal.

Smart online sportsbooks are aware of this and will do their best to make the customer the most important part of their internet presence.  Successful online gaming sites take care of their members and make sports information available and offer occasional promotional incentives, much like the bettor might get at a casino.

There are many online sportsbooks, but the wise bettor researches his betting sites as carefully as he scopes his bets.  We recommend subscribing to at least two online sportsbooks because the investor will want to capitalize on possible variances in the lines.  This, of course, is a matter of personal preference, but lines do vary and the betting investor should be in a position to profit from the line movements.

Below are nine criteria that should be considered when selecting your sportsbooks sites.

  1. Credibility – There are few things more disappointing than placing successful wagers and not receiving payment for winning plays. Before signing on to an online sportsbook, do your homework. A good wagering site should cater to your needs and should be viewed as a partner. Without the, you would not be making money on your wagers. Check their performance history, references and reviews. A little well done research can serve as the foundation for a long and productive relationship
  2. Varied Sporting Lines – Check the sportsbook pages carefully. Make sure that all the sports and all the leagues you invest in are handled by the site. Most online sites handle the standards but the professional sites also handle some of the more obscure sporting pursuits; like snooker, motor racing, Gaelic Football, soccer, rugby, etc. We recommend comprehensive sites where one membership entitles the bettor a wide span of betting opportunities.
  3. Solid business practices – The betting investor should be aware of the online sportsbook’s business practices. If these practices are not explained on the site, go to another. Make sure you understand all betting fees, all online presentations, have 24/7 access to your account, the deposit procedures and the withdrawal policy. Take the time to familiarize yourself with your new betting partner and avoid any surprises.
  4. Working lines – If you are a bettor, you probably have ideas about certain lines and know the type bets you like to play. Make sure the options are available to you. Also, check the lines to make sure they are clearly expressed. If you have questions about the site’s presentation, ask questions!
  5. Betting News – One of the advantages of online sportsbooks is how quickly information can be distributed. Savvy bettors like to know what developments are impacting the event. Select a site that provides updates as events unfold.
  6. Current events – Make sure the bettor has access to lineup changes, player availability information and even weather conditions. Basically you want a site that is partnered with you and will provide facts that may impact the outcome of a contest.
  7. Good support – As with all online memberships, questions are inevitable. Betting investors need answers to their questions quickly. Your selection process must include an analysis of the site’s support programs. A solid support network includes live response telephone lines and 24/7 internet assistance.
  8. Other gaming platforms – Casino and Poker gaming sites are often offered by sportsbooks. If you are a player, put those suites through the same scrutiny.
  9. Promotional opportunities – Friendly sportsbooks provide new members with good introductory offers. Regular betting customers are entitled to some fringe benefits. Make sure you understand the site’s promotional opportunities.

Recreational and serious bettors should demand the same professionalism and reliability from their bookmaker as the bookmaker demands from bettor.  However, it is the wise investor who does his homework first.  Getting started on the right foot will allow the player to concentrate on the task at hand, which is winning!

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