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Sports betting online has brought a new level of enjoyment to Tennis, surely one of everyone’s favorite games.

Here are some of the current betting lines:

Unfortunately due to US jurisdiction, we cannot provide any betting lines from online sportsbooks.

The professional tennis circuit competes year round so there is plenty of tennis betting action.  Savvy tennis fans know the game well and can put that knowledge to work with a series of well-placed wagers.  As with all sports, statistics and history certainly help in evaluating each match, and at most online sports books, those statistics are easy to come by.

Here you will find only the very best online sports betting sites that offer tennis (along with dozens of other popular sports, and many relatively obscure ones). We can’t recommend these online sports books enough – they have passed or surpassed our requirements of integrity and performance, as well as the less tangible element of pure fun.

Any serious tennis wager should be based on accurate evaluations of 5 key areas that affect the player (or, in some cases, the doubles team). Betting tennis successfully begins by being familiar with the players.  World rankings are helpful, but sometimes certain players do not match up well.  Player head-to-head track records are easily available online, and often at the best online sportsbooks themselves.

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Tennis is played on four basic surfaces; grass, clay, hard court and carpet.  Each surface requires adjustments.  Typically clay, as is used in the French Open, is the slowest of surfaces.  Grass, as used at Wimbledon, is the most traditional surface, but can be quirky.  Certain players perform better on slow surfaces, while other players thrive on power-packed fast decks.  When betting tennis, the bettor must know the surface, the player’s record on that surface and the player’s familiarity with that surface.  Power service players can dominate on hard surfaces while dominating ground strokes do well on slower decks.

As the tennis season lasts 12 months, player statistics are updated after each match.  When betting tennis, watch for these updates.  Recognize trends and patterns.  Using these statistics, smart tennis bettors compare categories like forced error trends, ratio of successful first serves, percentage of second serves won and many other relevant statistics.

Tennis players tend to hits peaks and valleys as the season unfolds.  The grueling season takes a toll on even the most experienced athlete.  As a game played around the world, travel is extensive.  Certain players do not adjust well to long travel patterns.  When betting tennis, the bettor should know recent trends.  In betting tennis, remember that success breeds success.  There are very few games where momentum has such an impact.  Smart tennis wagers consider positive and negative trends.

Today’s terrific communication and news networks make a player’s physical condition available instantly.  When betting tennis, there should not be any surprises about a player’s health.  Tennis bettors should know what players have recently been injured and which players have bowed out of play in recent tournaments.  Tennis players often try to play through injuries, but the successful bettor shies away for those scenarios.

Now take all this strategic information and be familiar with the types of tennis bets and make your winning play!

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