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Tennis is such a favorite sport, and such a favorite of the wagering enthusiast, that serious bettors tend to utilize a tennis betting system that incorporates the basics of tennis betting as well as knowledge of tennis betting types.  A well placed wager can yield big returns.

While the tennis world is highly competitive and the while the venues offer varying surfaces and different crowd allegiances, upper echelon performers have established track records. In developing a tennis betting system, awareness of these performance tendencies is critical to success.  Up-to-date statistics are available from many online sources and from several reliable printed word tennis publications.  The serious bettor should use this research material in analyzing each match.

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In planning your wager, visit your gaming site and check the match lines. To refresh your memory of what match lines look like on a typical betting site, choose one or more of our recommended sites and browse the tennis section.

The bettor usually highlights the matches of interest, noting the lines and the odds.  The successful bettor then merges this information into his tennis betting system.

Many tennis betting systems use a scoring method to evaluate their research.  The tennis betting system might assign a value ranging from 1 -10 for six categories:

  • History vs. Opponent
  • History on Surface
  • Physical condition
  • Current performance trend
  • History in Event
  • Yearly Performance statistics

If there are 10 points available in each category, the highest rating a player could receive is 60 points.  The lowest awarded value would be 6.

All of the pertinent information for your tennis betting system can be obtained through various sites; the best online sportsbooks should have most if not all of it immediately available from the tennis pages. Even a brief glance will show you just how much most of the best online sports betting sites offer you in the way of information.

If the information you need is not available, you can visit the players’ individual web sites, the tournaments and sponsor sites, and many tennis-oriented blogs. Many sites also state the player’s physical condition at the conclusion of each event and prior to the tournament.  For example, you might learn that Maria Sharapova is battling a shoulder injury or that Novak Djokovic suffered a slight hamstring pull in his last outing.

It might become apparent that Rafael Nadal has an extremely high winning percentage vs. Jo-Willfried Tsonga on clay surfaces (for example).  Justine Henin may not play well at the U.S. Open, but has great success at the Australian Open.  All this information is valuable and worth entering into a successful tennis betting system.

For example, suppose we are evaluating a Wimbledon match between Serena Williams and Ana Ivanovic that has a match line of  S. Williams  4/6 – A. Ivanovic 11/10.

In this match, our bettor sees that Williams is favored.  The bettor will now research the history and might find that Williams has defeated Ivanovic 6 of 10 times they have played.  Williams would receive a rating of 6 and Ivanovic a rating of four in our tennis betting system History vs. Opponent category.

Next our bettor finds that they have only played on grass four times.  They have split these matches, so our tennis betting system awards each player 2 points.  However, our bettor notes that Williams has won an extraordinarily high number of overall grass court matches and Ivanovic has not fared as well.  This information has value so our tennis betting system supplements Williams with another 2 points.

Our bettor completes all categories and then must digest this information and determine whether the wager merits a play or not.  Then, the bettor must decide between the favorite and the underdog and establish a confidence level, which is translated into the amount of the wager.

While bettors may improvise and develop their own tennis betting system, they will find it advantageous to have a basic system as a starting point.  Experienced bettors feel tennis offers unusually reliable information.  Make sure to put it to work.

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