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There are four basic tennis betting types.  Using the strategic background as outlined in effective tennis betting, the successful bettor will choose between these four tennis betting types.

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The most popular tennis bet is the match bet.  As with most betting contests, there are favorites and underdogs.  A betting line is set and the bettor must choose their play. 

For example: in a match with Rodger Federer playing Novak Djokovic, the line might look like Federer -150, Djokovic +250.  Federer would be considered the favorite and Djokovic the decided underdog.  If the bettor wagered $150, and Federer won, the bettor would profit $100.  If the bettor wagered $100 on Djokovic and Djokovic was victorious, the bettor would recoup his wager and win $250.

Some sports books handle the match bet differently.  The Betting Line might look like this:  Federer 3/5 vs. Djokovic 8/5

In this scenario, the bettor wagers $50 on Federer to win $30, or can wager $50 on Djokovic to win $80.  Of course the bettor recoups his original wager in every winning scenario.


  • Knowledgeable tennis experts always have their eye on the upset.  2008 was a topsy-turvy year for both Men’s and Women’s tennis.  There were major swings in both rankings.  As the year unfolded, it became very clear that certain players hit their stride at certain events.  If the bettor thinks of a tennis tournament like a golf course, the bettor can see that certain golfers perform differently on different courses.  Tennis is beginning to take on many of the same characteristics.  Certain players draw increased energy from certain crowds and fan bases.  A home field advantage is developing in tennis.

    Sets Betting, the second of the four tennis betting types, is a “prop bet”. This is similar to an over under wager.  The handicapper establishes a line and the bettor bets over the line or under the line.

    In the Federer-Djokovic match mentioned above, the line could be Federer -1.5 -200 and Djokovic +1.5 + 275.  In Sets Betting, the bettor can wager $200 on Federer and win $100 if Federer wins the match by more than 1.5 sets.  So, if Federer wins 3 sets to 1 set, or 3 sets to 0 sets, the bettor collects his original $200 wager and another $100.  If the bettor wagers $100 ob Djokovic and Djokovic wins the match or loses the match by less than 1.5 sets, the bettor wins $275.

    The 3rd type, Games Betting takes a completely different approach. Games Betting is determined by the total number of games won in the match, but the player does not have to win the match.

    Again using the Federer match Games Betting might appear Federer -3.5 -140, Djokovic +3.5 +120.  In this scenario, the bettor can wager $140 on Federer laying off or giving 3.5 games. Federer could win the first set 6-0, and then lose three sets 6-7, 6-7, 6-7.  Federer has won 24 games.  Djokovic has won 21 games.  In games Betting, Federer is the victor.  If the Bettor wagered $140, the bettor will then recoup the wager and profit $100.

    Some sports betting websites offer a fourth tennis betting type, the 1st set wager.  The line might look like:  Federer 8/13 – Djokovic 6/5

    If the bettor wagers $130 on Federer and Federer wins the first set, the bettor recoups his wager and wins $80.  If the bettor wagers $100 on Djokovic and Djokovic wins the first set, the bettor recoups the wager and wins $120.

    When selecting the tennis betting type, do your homework.  Many bettors like to find the underdogs.  Some players are slow starters, while others get out of the gate faster.  In today’s tennis world, the Men’s and Women’s fields are filled with talented athletes, from the first round on.  There are no easy wins and it is increasingly difficult to dominate today’s tennis fields.  Do your homework, bet wisely and reap the harvest.

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