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Water polo: if you’re not wet, you’re not winning.  Water Polo players and their dedicated fans have long sat outside of the limelight.  But today, with the growth of cable and internet services, water polo is becoming more popular and easier to find than ever.  On TV or online, gone are the days of water polo being remote and difficult to become involved in.

It’s just as easy to get yourself involved in betting on water polo matches nowadays.  Many online sportsbooks will take wagers on select water polo matches and tourneys.  Be sure to check out the the schedules on more than one sports betting website to be sure all the water polo matches are listed. To get started, our recommendations for best online sportsbook should have several choices and no risks.

Bet 365

$200 Bonus

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William Hill

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Betway offers over 10,000 sports markets for you to bet on! Highly recommended
888 Sport is a very respected sportsbook with excellent customer service. Highly recommended

With water polo, as with any serious professional sport, having all the statistics and history available will make for the smartest bets. Certainly, you can bet on a favorite team or play a hunch, but be prepared to lose more often than you win (unless your luck, or your team, is REALLY good!).

Nope, the best way to go about even a casual hobby of wagering is to get the information in front of you. The best online sports betting sites will have plenty of information right there on the betting page, and certainly our recommendations have as much or more statistics than you could possible need.

Check out our reviews section to read detailed analysis and critiques of online sportsbooks, but those are the highlights; a few of our most-trusted sportsbooks.  These betting houses have provided excellent service and reliability for years, making them the top of the game for online gamblers.

Read our indepth guide to betting on water polo so you can get a heads-up before you place your first bet.  Whether you’re a novice or an experienced player, water polo is sure to provide you with days of enjoyment.

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