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Bet on Water Polo

Water Polo originated in the United Kingdom in 1870.  Initially water polo was referred to as football in water.  A water polo team usually consists of a goalkeeper, two defensemen, a center and three forwards.  The rules of the game have evolved over time and in 1879 two goal posts and a net were added.  In most games, the depth of the pool cannot be below 1 meter although international tournaments usually have a depth of no less than 1.8 meters.

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The distance between the goal lines should not be more than 30 meters.  The width of the pool is usually 20 meters.

International events feature four quarter games with each quarter lasting seven minutes.  Substitutions may only be made when a player is injured or in the two minutes between quarters, or with permission of the referee.

If the score is tied at the end of regulation play, there is a five minute break and then three minute periods are played with one minute interval between periods until a winning score is achieved.  A goal is counted when the ball completely passes the line between the two posts at one end of the pool.  Goalkeepers usually wear a red colored cap.

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Hungarian teams have been the dominant forces in international water polo since 1973.  Hungarian teams have reached 7 of the 11 international finals between 1973 ands 2003.  Although Hungary has a record of failure in the finals, they have built a successful program and claim more international wins than any other international entry.  Serbia and Montenegro are regarded highly in this year’s world championships.

Canada and the USA are beginning to emphasize water polo.  This should increase the betting pools substantially.

Betting on water polo includes odds betting and includes line betting.  Although games are fairly high scoring, the spreads are relatively tight.  Over-under wagering is also popular with bettors.

Team allegiances in water polo run deep.  European arenas are normally filled to capacity for both league and international tournament matches.  Most international events begin with flight play.  The top two teams in flights emerge to playoff rounds and conclude with four top teams playing semi-final and final matches.

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